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Is there a contract for the VIP Club plans?

No. Your plan is a convenience for you. You can cancel at any time up to and including the day before you are billed. Once you have been billed, your product for that month will be shipped and your next months delivery and bill will be cancelled.

Do I have to pay shipping charges for my plan?

No. All shipping and handling charges are Free.

What day will I receive my first delivery?

Your first delivery will ship within 48 hours of your order. Your subsequent deliveries will ship the day after you are billed each month. Your billing day will remain the same until you cancel your plan.

Can I change my delivery date?

Yes but not permanently. If you are going away, have an emergency or have another short term need that requires a delivery date change you must email us a week prior to the shipping date (the day after you are billed). We will modify the shipment for that month and then return you to your regular shipping day that next billing period.

Can I track my delivery?

Yes. The tracking information for your shipment will be sent to your email address on file.

When will I be billed?

The day that you place your order online will become your billing day each month.

If you placed your order during a longer month, say on the 31st of January. In the shorter month of February you would be billed on the 28th day since that is the last day of the month and the latest possible billing date.

Is my credit card information safe?

Yes. Our payment gateway,, uses the highest level of SSL encryption to ensure the safety and security of your financial information and transactions. Whisker Biscuits does not ever have, hold, or posses access to any of your credit card information.

Can I call you to join the VIP Club?

Yes. We will then enter your information into the same online system that all of our other users are utilizing.

Will I get an email when I am being billed each month?

Yes. When you are billed each month you will receive a confirmation email that you have paid for that month.

How do I change my method of payment?

You can simply log into your account at Whisker Biscuits by clicking here. You will see your dashboard with a My VIP Club Plan(s) tab listed. Simply click “Change Payment Method” button to the right to modify and update your subscription payment method.

What if I move?

Simply log in to your account to change your delivery address. If you need to change your delivery date, just contact us to do so before your moving date.

How do I change my delivery address?

You can simply log into your account at Whisker Biscuits by clicking here. You will see your dashboard with a My Addresses tab listed near the bottom of the page. Simply click the Edit buttons to the right to modify and update your Billing and/or Shipping address.

How do I cancel my VIP Club Subscription?

You can easily cancel at any time by logging into your account at Whisker Biscuits by clicking here. You will see your dashboard with a My VIP Club Plan(s) tab listed near the top of the page. Simply click the Cancel button to the right to end your VIP Club monthly subscription.

What does my VIP membership include?

Our monthly VIP or Very Important Pet Plans include the following:

Set and Forget ordering. Do it once and have deliveries every month until you cancel.

Free shipping on all package levels!

An extra portion of whatever you have received all year on your 12 month!

The VIP Club will deliver your pet treats without any hassle every month. Billing and shipping are automatically charged to your Credit Card or Paypal account each month.

What are the benefits to the club versus ordering regularly?

The benefits to the VIP Club are discounted pricing, ease of use, auto billing & delivery, additional discounts at shows, and free extra treat portions. This is all built in for our loyal club customers.

Can I change my monthly club subscription level?

Yes you can. We understand that some  may be plans may be more or less than they need for their pet(s), but you may not know that until you try one out for size.

It is easy to move from plan to plan (smaller to bigger or vice versa) when the need arises. Log in to your account by clicking here. Under the My VIP Club Plan(s) tab, see your current subscription and click the “Cancel” button to the right to end your current subscription.

You can now change to a new monthly club subscription package by selecting the plan you want and checking out. Your monthly package and billing rate will reflect the change immediately and start on the new billing month. If you would like your billing date to be the same as your previous billing date. You should process your order for the new club plan on that same day of the month as your previous plan.

Can I change my billing date?

Yes you can. In order to change your billing date, you will have to click the “Cancel” button of your current VIP Club subscription and then “Renew” the club subscription on the day of the month you’d like to be billed.

Can I renew an old club plan that I had cancelled?

Yes you can. Log in to your account by clicking here. You will see your dashboard with a My VIP Club Plan(s) tab listed. Simply click the “Renew” button to the right to restart your subscription plan. Your monthly billing date will now be on the same day that you renewed the order on.

What payment methods do you offer?

We give you the choice of 2 payment methods. You can pay securely either by Credit Card or with Paypal.

Do I really get a free Double Portion in the 12th month? Is there a Catch?

There’s no catch. You really get double the jerky and double the treats that come with your regular monthly VIP Club shipment. It’s just our reward for being a part of the club that makes this all possible.

Is your Jerky SAFE?

Yes, all of our chicken and beef jerky is made from 100% USDA grade A chicken and beef right here in Stroudsburg, PA.  We do not brine, color, sugar or adulterate the chicken and beef in any way. The process we use to produce our jerky follows a human grade standard that has been long established by the FDA. We feel confident that our jerky is the safest, healthiest treat option for your companion animals currently being produced in the U.S.A.

Please be very careful when you purchase other jerky’s. The Chinese jerky’s have had many adulterants in them and some producers in the United States have not done their homework. Natural jerky’s that absolutely have to be refrigerated have not had as much moisture removed and can definitely pose a threat to you and your animals. Many times these jerky’s do no reach a hold temperature sufficient to kill the food born illness living on the meats. Refrigerating and freezing WILL NOT kill food born illnesses!!!! Please be careful and go with a product you can trust. Whisker Biscuits Chicken and Beef Jerky’s, the only safe choice.

How will my order ship?

Your order will ship U.S.P.S. priority only. You will receive email shipping confirmation when your order ships. If for some reason you have an address that is non-deliverable, email us and we will attempt to set up a different shipping method.

Can I set up a custom order for monthly delivery?

Absolutely. We can accommodate almost all special requests for custom monthly packages. Please email us for full details at:

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