Ugly Chicken Jerky!

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Ugly Chicken Jerky 1 lb bags Only!

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Whisker Biscuits is proud, well not really, to present our Ugly Chicken Jerky. This Chicken Jerky is the product of too much of a good thing, steam. When we dehydrate our Jerky, we use a human grade protocol developed at the university level to keep our customers and their animals safe. Our FDA compliant walk in dehydrator uses steam injection to insure that no food borne pathogens survive the drying process. Unlike home dehydrators, which is what a lot of small scale operators are using, we insure the safety of every batch with this high humidity step.

To make a long story short, we overdid the steam cycle on a few batches and made very ugly chicken jerky. The over steam leaves a very white residue that is a combination of fat and collagen. There is nothing materially different from our regular awesome jerky other than the look. Same great USDA chicken breast, same great taste, we just can’t sell it at full retail. We usually feed it to our own animals when this happens but we just have too much this time.

We don’t make many mistakes but we encourage you to take advantage of this one. Our normal pound of Chicken is $37, we are selling this for $22 per lb until it is gone.

As always feel free to call or email with any questions. or 570-476-5624