Chicken Pot Pie Dog Donuts


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Our chicken pot-pie donuts use all-natural, USDA chicken breast and leg meat. Whisker Biscuits then combines the freshest vegetables with the chicken for a down-home, old-fashioned American taste. Sorry, but you will have to provide the gravy. These high-protein, low-fat treats are packed with carrots, peas and more tasty chicken that your dog will know what to do with. Mix a dozen chicken, cheese, and peanut butter treats for a great discount! Perfect for dogs that like crunchy biscuits!

Ingredients: Unbleached whole wheat flour, chicken breast and thigh meat, peas, carrots, chicken stock and vitamin E. All ingredients are human-grade.

Age Range: Puppy through Adult

Storage Instructions: Our dog treats are preserved naturally with vitamin E and a lack of moisture. Please place them on a shelf (away from dogs of course) in the box they came in. They will be good for three months. No plastic bags or sealed Tupperware unless you plan on freezing them. Once frozen they will last up to six months.

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