100% USA Chicken Jerky 2 oz.


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Our USDA certified chicken jerky is 100% sourced in the U.S. and dehydrated and prepared by Whisker Biscuits. There is nothing but pure unadulterated chicken meat. No fillers, no added salt, sugar, seasonings or preservatives. THIS IS NOT THE CHINESE CHICKEN YOU FIND AT ALL THE LARGE BOX STORES!!!! Chicken is a great, low-fat, high protein treat that is loaded with nutrients. We have discovered, in addition to suiting the needs of the canine world, our feline friends absolutely love them.  Every time we made them for our dogs, the cats were stealing them out of the trays.  Given the high protein and low fat nature of this treat, they can be enjoyed by all healthy cats.

Ingredients: 100% U.S. sourced human-grade chicken. 1/8 lb

Age Range: Kitten through Adult Cat

Storage Instructions: Keep jerky cool and dry. Stored in a low humidity environment, this product should last almost indefinitely. Can be frozen for extreme long-term storage.

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