Peanut Butter Poo 12 Pack


12 Piles of Poo for $24.95


Our largest selling novelty to date. Our patented Peanut Butter “Poo” means so many things to so many people. Allow those people on your holiday list to interpret exactly what it means to receive and open a box of “poo” for their favorite animals during the gift giving season. We love to send it to family and friends because it is sure to get a big laugh. It also happens to be extremely tasty for your four legged friends. We invite you to have a little fun this holiday season and smell our “poo” when it arrives in the mail.

This treat is extremely crunchy.

All boxes include twelve fully shaped piles ready for immediate consumption.

Ingredients: Unbleached Whole Wheat Flour, Peanut Butter, and Vanilla.

Age range: Puppy through Adult

Storage Instructions: These treats will do well on the counter (as long as the dog can’t get them) in the box they came in. Do not store treats in plastic. The shelf life is 2-3 months. Treats can be frozen in a plastic freezer bag. Frozen they typically last 6-8 months.

Additional information

Weight .20 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 12 in


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