Are Elk Antlers Safe for my Dogs to Chew?

Yes. All of our animals enjoy them on a regular basis. We would never knowingly sell an item that would harm an animal in any way. These antlers begin life as cartilage and end up as a form of calcified bone on the animal’s head. At peak growth, they can grow an amazing one to two inches per day. Once they are finished growing, the blood supply is shunted away from the antlers and the calcification begins. In the late fall/early winter the calcified antlers are shed (drop off), and are collected by “shed hunters”. If they are not quick, the animals of the forest will quickly grab and eat them for the valued source of calcium and minerals. The antlers are extremely strong. They resist breaking, splintering and shattering like many other forms of cooked and raw long bones on the market. We always recommend careful supervision with any chew related product!

Posted in: Elk Antler Chews

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