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What Makes Dog Biscuits, Pet, or Cat Treats Healthy?

Many people ask us, “What are human-grade dog biscuits and cat treats?” To answer this question, we should first analyze the nature of common, store bought dog and cat food products. The vast majority of commercially produced dog and pet treats are made using “rendered” raw materials. Fido may love them, but they are not healthy for his consumption. We will explain more why this is so with rendered materials in dog biscuits and pet foods in a moment.

Conversely, human-grade pet food components which is what we use in the creation of our dog biscuits and pet treats, are typical foods that we buy from the grocery store, farmer, or butcher for our own daily consumption. It follows that in order to ensure high quality and purity in our canines’ and felines’ food chain; their pet meals, dog biscuits, and cat treats should be prepared at home or made by a trusted brand or purveyor using these healthy materials as opposed to rendered materials.

So how does rendering relate to dog biscuits you may ask? In general, rendering is a process whereby non-human grade animal matter is separated into components that are readily usable by the commercial pet food and livestock feed manufacturers. A rendering plant gathers and combines large amounts of low-grade, animal-based resources such as; dead and diseased animal carcasses, road-kill animals of all types, cats, dogs, spoiled & out-of date meat products, fish/poultry/beef products from super-markets chains, and a vast number of animal by-products from large-scale, commercial slaughtering operations…hooves, heads, hides, blood, floor scraps…etc.

A mixture of these raw animal components are then cut, shredded, and mashed into a large soup that is then cooked in large vat. This heating process, removes excess water from the stock, and eventually separates fat from the cooked meat. The amalgam of this cooked meat product is then sent to a pulverizer for crushing, after which all large pieces of bone, fur, and un-pulverized matter is removed in an industrial sifting process. The final end products of the rendering process are a dry, pulverized, protein-rich concoction and animal fat. Rendered protein products are then bought by companies that manufacture animal feeds for livestock animals such as pigs, chickens, and cattle. On a much larger scale, rendered proteins and fats are regularly used by the large commercial pet food companies in their manufacture of cat and dog food and also dog biscuits or course. The sale and manufacture of rendered animal food products including within dog biscuits, is an annual multi-billion dollar industry.

You might say “So where’s the problem with the use of rendered products?” The basic problem is that the rendering industry is largely unregulated, and the animal resources that are used are unfit for human consumption due to disease, toxicity from drugs and chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, heavy metals, hormones, and petroleum by-products. In many instances, protein compounds from euthanized animals are also used in the manufacture of rendered pet food products, which is not something most pet lovers want in their pet’s food and dog biscuits.

By their very nature, rendered food components distill an already biologically concentrated material into a more potent toxic and poisonous mixture. Remember, we want our pet’s treats to be made from human-grade pet food components which are the types of foods that we get from sources like the grocery store. farmer, or butcher. Basically, “human-grade” foods are those that are fit for human consumption, and really in our opinion, animal consumption as well. It follows that in order to ensure high quality and purity in our canines’ and felines’ food chain, all pet meals, including dog biscuits and cat treats, should either be made at home or by a trusted brand or purveyor, using only human-grade food materials.

At Whisker Biscuits, we promise that all of our dog biscuit and cat treat products are handmade from high-quality, human-grade foods that are sourced in the USA. We really don’t think you can find a healthier or tastier, or safer dog biscuit anywhere.


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