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During 2006, thousands of dogs and cats were killed or poisoned from chicken jerky dog treats and other pet foods imported from China. According to the FDA, these imported pet products were found to be contaminated with Melamine, a chemical used in the plastic manufacturing industry. Since that time, the FDA has subsequently issued three separate warnings in 2007, 2008, and 2011 concerning the sickening of hundreds of dogs after they had eaten chicken jerky treats imported from China. As a result of these events, American pet owner’s attitudes and awareness concerning pet food manufacturing have been affected greatly. Buyers of pet products are now questioning the sourcing, processing, and nutritional quality of pet foods and treats commonly found on the shelves of super markets and pet food stores.

This reading will briefly describe the fundamental aspects of the rendering industry which supplies a large percentage of pet foodstuffs including jerky to the U.S. consumer market. Special emphasis is placed upon the Chinese rendering industry, and its relationship to American pet food and treat manufacturers. Thankfully, high-quality, holistically-based, USA made chicken jerky dog treats and dog feeds that are sourced and produced in North America are finally offered as safer alternatives to “uncertain” imported pet treats from China or elsewhere.

Safe Jerky for Your Loved Pet

Safe Jerky for Your Loved Pet

In general, rendering is a process whereby non-human grade animal matter is separated into components that are readily usable by the commercial pet food and livestock feed manufacturers for pet foods and chicken jerky dog treats. A rendering plant gathers and combines large amounts of low-grade, animal-based resources such as; dead animal carcasses, road-kill animals of all types, cats, dogs, spoiled and out-of date meat products, fish, poultry, and beef products from super-markets chains, and a vast number of animal by-products from large-scale, commercial slaughtering operations: hooves, heads, hides, blood, floor scraps…etc. A mixture of these raw animal components are then cut, shredded, and mashed into a large soup that is then cooked in large vat. This heating process, removes excess water from the stock, and eventually separates fat from the cooked meat. The amalgam of this cooked meat product is then pulverized and crushed, after which all large pieces of bone, fur, and un-pulverized matter are removed in an industrial sifting process.

The final end products of the rendering process are a dry, pulverized, protein-rich meal and animal fat. A good portion of rendered protein products are then bought by companies in the USA and elsewhere that manufacture animal feeds for livestock animals such as pigs, chickens, and cattle. On a larger scale, rendered proteins and fats are regularly used by the large commercial pet food companies in their manufacture of cat and dog food.

1/2 Pound 100% USA Made Chicken Jerky & CatcaineOn the face of it, the rendering industry creates a valuable resource in reclaimed animal by-products and provides an invaluable service in removing a huge, unwanted biomass that would have to be discarded in landfills or treated otherwise. However, the basic problem is that the rendering industry’s process and products are largely unregulated. The animal resources that rendering produces are dangerous due to disease, toxicity from drugs and chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, heavy metals, hormones, and petroleum by-products. By their very nature, rendered food components distill an already biologically concentrated material into a more potent toxic and poisonous mixture. Despite their precarious nature, rendered protein meal and fat additives are used pervasively in chicken jerky dog treats and the international pet food & pet treat industries.

When it comes to pet food exports, China is a major world player in this multi-billion dollar industry. It has been estimated that the Chinese feed industry is more than a 60 billion dollar annual business. Pet food additives, like rendered protein meal and fat, make-up roughly half of the yearly Chinese feed industry revenues. According to a report published by the FDA in September of 2012, an estimated 86 million pounds of pet food products were imported from China in 2011. A large amount of this was imported, non USA made chicken jerky.

Apart from the inherent problems associated with rendered products and associated products like chicken jerky dog treats, the alarming state of environmental degradation present in China can only worsen the already suspect nature of pet foodstuffs exported from this country. China, unlike the USA, has very few environmental safeguards. It has been stated that China releases close to 12 million tons of heavy metals into the environment per year. China leads the world in lead production and usage. Also, this nation is the world’s largest producer, user, and exporter of synthetic pesticides.. Synthetic pesticides, the most toxic type of pesticides, along with arsenic, are widely used in Chinese agriculture. The wide-spread use and unchecked proliferation of pesticides and petroleum-based fertilizers make farming and agriculture the largest environmental polluters in China. In addition to agriculture, Chinese heavy industries are gigantic polluters Battery factories and metal smelting activities leach huge amounts of heavy metals directly into the environment. Lead, cadmium, and copper are regularly dumped into China’s waterways. Benzene, toluene, and numerous other aromatic hydrocarbons enter the Chinese environment through plastic and electronic industries. Finally, with a population that is close to 1.2 billion people, China produces about 3.5 million tons of sewage daily. Estimates suggest close to 600 million Chinese drink water which is contaminated by animal or human waste. The National Academy of Sciences contends that half of all water sources in China are polluted and not suitable for human contact of ingestion.

Considering the appalling state of environmental abuses negatively affecting the Chinese rendering industry, one must now factor fraud, corruption, and out-right criminal negligence into this mix. Lack of regulation and absence of law enforcement for business and industry is commonplace. Also, conflicts of interest in enforcement protocols are ever-present: government owned businesses and factories are regulated by the same government that operates said industries for a profit .All of these factors lead to failed quality and safety standards concerning foodstuff manufacturing and production. It is well documented that China’s safety record for human food production is abysmally poor. Given the state of human-grade food production in China, one can imagine that the quality and safety standards for chicken jerky, dog treats, pet food and related products has to be frightfully close to non-existent.

Safer Alternatives Are Hard to Find
As a result of these issues, many American pet food consumers are more informed and are seeking safer alternatives for canine and feline chicken jerky treats and other pet dietary products. However, this situation presents a problem for particular pet owners who are looking to source high quality and safe foods for their cats and dogs.

Due to the high level of penetration that Chinese pet food imports have gained in the US, it is hard to find dog and cat foods and treats that do not contain Chinese rendered products and additives.

It follows that consumers should avoid all commercially produced pet foods that use rendered additives. Pet owners can find a higher degree of nutrition in pet foods by sourcing them from companies that use only high quality, human-grade ingredients and fewer chemical additives in the manufacturing process of pet products. The following list of premium dog feed producers has been recommended by numerous holistic veterinarians: Wysong, Precise, Innova, California Natural, Perfect Health Diet, Pet Guard, Cornucopia, Excel . Chicken jerky dog & Cat treats — USA made from USDA chicken — can be purchased from Whisker Biscuits Inc. of Pennsylvania, Finally, every pet owner should exercise due diligence by researching and analyzing the pet food products that they give to their pets.

Can you even get Chicken Jerky For People? Well technically you can’t, but ours is basically just that. We buy our chicken from a trusted meat and vegetable provider right here in the United States, so it’s USDA grade chicken. And then we very slowly dehydrate it in our huge custom built dehydrator.

Our jerky is American made chicken jerky for dogs pure and simple. No other ingredients are added, so it won’t be a part of the recall of chicken jerky for dogs. If you’ve read the rest of the information on this page, you now know how it’s made in China. Does it still sound like something you’d want to feed your pet. Don’t go to petsmart or the other chain stores. They don’t have the good stuff. You just won’t find 100% pure jerky there.

You really have two choices. You can find a chicken jerky for dogs recipe, and you can create it yourself at home after building a chicken jerky for dogs dehydrator. You can look online to find a chicken jerky recipe for that. Or you can buy real, pure chicken jerky from us that’s just as good or even better than what you could make at home, and save yourself the time and trouble.

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Homemade Chicken Jerky for Dogs

If you don’t feel like searching for Chicken Jerky Recipes, and the associated trial and error associated with a Chicken Jerky Recipe/Dehydrator. You can search for a chicken jerky for dogs recipe, just make sure you use pure chicken and associated ingredients.

Remember, the Chicken Jerky Recalls are rampant. If you’re not going to make your own, be safe and get the safest choice for your dog. Our product may not have been created as Chicken Jerky For Humans, but it might as well have been. The only ingredient is USDA certified chicken. We dehydrate all of the jerky in our custom made Chicken Jerky dehydrator. There’s no other processing or ingredients involved.

How To Make Chicken Jerky?
You may be wondering how to make chicken jerky for dogs. Well it’s very simple in theory, but harder in practice as with most things. You get the purest, safest ingredients available, build a dehydrator, and slowly dehydrate it. That’s how we make it. No fillers or unsafe ingredients.

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